Assess your metrics as a whole

In the following table, rate your metrics (as a total set) as follows:

# How well do your performance metrics: Rating
1 Help translate your business strategy into concrete action?
2 Align all departments behind common goals?
3 Reflect what your stakeholders care about?
4 Provide leverage to foster change and adaptibility?
5 Balance leading and lagging indicators?
6 Balance strategic and operational indicators?
7 Enhance your ability to compete in the future?
8 Drive improvements in how work is performed?
9 Help you compare your performance against competitors?
  Overall Utility of metrics 0.0%

Look at your overall utility. A utility of 34% or less suggests your metrics are falling down on the job. If your total is between 34% and 67%, there's good value in your metrics but also room for improvement. Totals over 67% suggest your metrics are among the best.