Productivity Improvement

The goal of the futureSME Transformation process is to deliver sustainable productivity improvements in companies.

This has been recognised by Enterprise Ireland, which has approved futureSME as a supplier of services under its Productivity Improvement services. This consists of three programmes:

LeanStart, which provides companies with a short, focused engagement to introduce Lean principles and Agile processes, carry out a pilot project and lay a foundation for future productivity improvement projects. Qualifying companies are eligible to receive support of up to €5,000, with a total cost of €6,300.


LeanStart is targeted at companies looking at undertaking a more fundamental productivity improvement project over a 6-month timeframe. This will result in the embedding of futureSME techniques and methodologies in the company to achieve significant measurable gains in capabilities and competitiveness.   Assignments can be up to a total value of €70,000.


LeanTransform is a large scale and holistic transformation programme focusing on culture and productivity performance, which embed the competencies necessary for on-going competitiveness gains in the company, and result in sustainable improvement in the business and across its supply chain.  Assignments typically run for at least one year.

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